Recovering From An Injury

One of the hardest things to deal with as a runner is being injured. Many of us use running to manage our mood and anxiety. Add in a looming race date the stress can really start to get to you. I’ve learned from my past injuries that going back too fast or too hard only […]

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Spring Shoe Game

Finding the right running shoe can be hard, especially if you’ve grown to love a certain brand or model. For as long as I’ve been running I’ve pretty much exclusively run in Brooks. My friend also works for them, so I get the friends and family discount, which makes trying other shoes even more difficult […]

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An Ras Mor Race Recap

Photo: My kit for the race. Nike tights, Socks by Neon Bandits, Mizuno top, Shoes Nike Epic React Sometimes you put things out in the universe and instantly question whether it was the right decision or not. Well apparently, sometimes you need to put it out there to push yourself. I wasn’t panning to go […]

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Joining The Heartbreakers

Most people are surprised that I didn’t start really running until after I was 30.  I didn’t enter my first race (Cambridge Classic 5K) until 2014 when I was 37 & was hooked. I mostly followed training plans I found through apps or online but didn’t understand a lot of the terminology. Over the next few years […]

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